I have always felt it’s important to give back in some way to those that helped get you where you are.

To reflect my gratitude toward Penfield High School teachers and administrators that helped foster my vocal music career, and with the help of one of the school’s outstanding music teachers, Diane Abrahamian, we created “The Robert DeMott Memorial Vocal Music Scholarship”, named in honor of my late younger brother.

The scholarship aids a graduating High School senior that is planning to pursue a career in vocal music. Since its creation in 1999, the scholarship has helped several students pursue their dreams.

At Penfield High School, people saw my potential, and through patient encouragement and instruction, helped shape me into the musician and performer I am today. I’m pleased to be a part of continuing the tradition with a generation of new artists.

Funding for the scholarship comes through donations gathered at my bi-yearly concerts at Penfield High School as well as private donations by fans, friends, and family.  

To donate to this worth while cause, please contact me via this website or contact Penfield High School directly at 25 High School Drive, Penfield, NY 14526, USA (585-249-6700).